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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Google Chrome App Review of The Week: Forum Enhancer

What's up fellow LMADers, today, I will be reviewing another popular Roblox GC app called the forum enhancer. Without further delay, let's start.

The GC picture of the enhancer

Function: 15/10- Let's face it, this app is incredible. It's pretty self-explanatory, but still there's a little bit more to it. For example, all the buttons are now easily arranged to find. In the replies, you can add pictures (warning, use on-site pictures only), make a list, and much more. The best part though would have to be the auto-click links. They are helpful for lpps, snipes, etc.

Download: 9/10- This app is pretty easy to download as you don't need to sign in, and like most GC apps, installs in seconds.

Safety: 1/10- At first, this app seems harmless, but overtime, it actually functions as a keylogger. For all of you who don't know, a KL is something that records what you type down. That means personal info, passwords, stuff like that. Even Shedletsky and other users confirmed it is a KL.

Shedletsky and a user's feedback

Another user's negative feedback

For all of those who see the positive reviews, take note that most of them were recent. The KL probably has yet to be found by them.

Overall: 3/10- It's a shame, this app is epic, but it is very dangerous. It will KL you so be careful. If you have this app, I urge you to uninstall it for the safety of you, your computer, and your personal files. Also, let this be a lesson to downloaders, WATCH WHAT YOU DOWNLOAD AND BE SURE TO READ THE REVIEWS. Well, I guess that's all for now, until next time guys!

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  1. This was a topic that was in need of discussion. Thanks for it!

  2. Is my account safe after I uninstall this?

  3. It's a cool review. I want to check out your forum. Is it possible to join it?