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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Interview With Devilman771Rox

Hello fellow Robloxians, today is almost a well- known LMADer's birthday. If you saw the title, you know who. Happy Early Birthday Devilman771Rox! At first, I didn't know what to give him for a early birthday present, then he suggested an interview here. And since he's pretty well known and nice, sure, this would be a great edition to the blog. So without further delay, lets start the interview:

1. When and how did you start Roblox?
My friend stellargunAK47 told me to try in 09, I joined as Devilman771, Forgot the info, So made Devilman771Rox, Rox Spelled ROX on Purpose.

2. How did you start LMADing?
I found it in June 2010 simply to make money and Achieve my dream hat of STF, Which I completed today.

3. Who's your LMAD idol?

I like DarkGenex. He's such a troll, but i wuvz him <3

4. What's your opinion on the new Kreo packages?

They aren't as bad as i thought, WITH that outfit, But its roBLOX not roLEGO

5. What's the most Robux you've ever had at once?

131K Robux.

6. What's the best item you've ever owned?

This Sparkle Time Fedora,

7. What's the most profit you've made off an item?
I'd have to say...Once i sniped NMoA for 2.7k and sold for 13k....Pretty good...

So as you see, Devilman is quite an interesting and cool LMADer. Anyways, that concludes today's interview. See ya later LMADers!

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Congrats on STF by the way. :D

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  1. He's not that "well known" but okay..