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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 2012 ROBLOX Card Gears Review

   Spy Eye

Mesh: 9/10 - I like the mesh of this gear. It is the third gear ever to fit onto your head like a hat, but functions as a gear (following the "Laservision Shades G3" and the "1337 R0807"). 
Design (Texture): 7/10 - The texture to this gear is good, but lacks sharpness and colors that stand out more. The metallic-grey looks okay, but sort of sloppy. My favorite part of the texture personally is the Greenish-Blue target screen on the eye patch area. 

The Spy Eye is available to get with the "Gamestop", "Target", and "EB Games" cards.

                                                  OVERALL: 8/10 - Great


  Ruyi Jingu Bang - A Walmart Exclusive

Mesh: 6/10 - The mesh is okay, but too basic. If the mesh was longer, or had a special dagger on the end, it would probably have been able to stand out more. But it's not a bad mesh though.
Texture: 3/10 - The texture is INCREDIBLY boring. The colors are way too dark and plain. There should be a golden oriental design along the staff, or the brown should of been lighter.

The Ruyi Jingu Bang is only available to get from Walmart Cards. 


                                                 OVERALL: 4.5/10 - Meh

I was not able to test the gears' damage and special attacks, because the gears do not work in gear testing places yet. I will probably update this article when they do.



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