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Thursday, May 3, 2012

ROBLOX - May Madness

Hey LMaDer's and Robloxians! Today I have more interesting news! We have just entered in May and we have more Roblox phenomena. 

This really all started on May 1st, 2012 when many people were getting SQL'ed Domino Crowns. Then, today, the madness continued by many famous users getting unbanned, then banned again. Dignity, jaredvaldez2, and more users who have been deleted got unbanned today. Also, we just got information that Clockwork, a famous ROBLOX administrator who is very inactive on the site directly, has gotten logged in. I suspect this is the works of a password guess.

The hacker has been confirmed to be iTrapped. He got into the Admin Panel. The Admin Panel is where admins can control users, items, and the whole site. A rumor has gone around that Stealth Pilot on an alternate account told the hacker the link to the admin panel, and the hacker somehow found a way to hack into the web servers to get in to it.

Also, many users have been hacked and banned. One target is definitely Merely; Merely and Seranok have already been banned/deleted, and Pieperson50, and TheGamer101 were hacked, along with Madcodebrkr. The iTrapped has been selling the items on Pieperson50 for 1 R$ a piece, a very low price, even on rare items like the Doombucket, all dominuses, and the SFOTHIV swords.   

Some people are demanding a rollback; which I actually wouldn't mind. The economy and Recent Average Prices have been messed up a ton; and because people are demanding a rollback and it is a big phenomena, many people are calling it "The Second April 1st".

The admins at this time do not know of the problems happening, and as told by many users, they don't believe it. Let's hope they finally realize it's true, and fix it soon!



  1. Wow... why did I have to go to school this morning?

  2. @ajrox I don't know if I mentioned this in the post, but Madcodebrkr did some awesome snipes too. He wasn't hacked also