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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The New Transaction Screen and How it Relates to the TS

 Hello fellow LMADers, I am here to show us the new transaction screen ROBLOX has put into the site.


( I'm broke so I can't buy anything for money :3)

This is it, if you ask me, this new screen is awesome. It looks pretty nice and neat, but the best thing I think is the new screen that shows you what you have purchased. Also, with this new update, you can sell limiteds for 1 robux, so no more calculating a lpp, even though that is easy. Anyways, I'm pretty sure ALL of LMAD is for the 1 robux limited part.

Now, this new screen brings in a little speculation. As you may know, Shedletsky released a picture of the TS yesterday.

If you compare the two, they look alike a little bit ( as pointed out by many LMADers). They both have the same screen with the user/item purchased, they have the same scheme in the buttons, and the title of the boxes are the same style too.

If this rumor is true, it appears that the TS is coming out soon, but who knows. That rumor originated a few years back as well, but with this screen, there may be a better chance.

RY84TTT: Staff Author
( That's right, I changed my look again, problem? :3)


  1. add the selling for 1R$ part

  2. Lol I was the first to notice the similarity of the new purchasing button and the TS sneak peak format.