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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Roblox or Lego?

Recently, Roblox released new packages; 
these packages are part of the "KRE - O" series.
KRE-O Product

Dailyvalue at KRE-O Game 
For an LMaD prospective, these are some what ODer bodies, that take away the Roblox's "Blocky" feel. Most importantly, the making of these bodies is taking up time Roblox could use for making the Trade System.

We now know that this is official because of Shedletsky's Place containing these packages. Personally, the place is quite fun and very advanced rather than Roblox's average popular games.

We ALL know that Roblox doesn't like the thought of being known as legos. They are getting closer and closer every month. Soon enough our community will be nothing but Lego hats transformed into Roblox hats. As much as Roblox loses their "Blocky" feel, so is Lego. Both are becoming almost exactly the same.

Why are these packages being made?

Roblox is apparently partnering up with KRE-O products; It is very possible this will result in a contest (Considering Roblox hasn't had a contest since April 1st)

This "Contest" is a scavenger hunt; you will collect items to hopefully obtain forever.

I hope you all have a better understanding on what is going on with Roblox's packages.


  1. I hate how roblox is turning into this. I remember back in 09' and 10' when roblox really was 'roblox'. It was different back then. Now its just like everything else. Its become less and less unique.