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Friday, June 8, 2012


Hey guys, it's me RY here. Sorry I have been inactive lately, life with school and soccer have kept me busy. However, now that its almost summer break, and my season ended, all I have to worry about is fun, friends, family, sports, and Roblox/here.

Today, I will be writing about Hatsplosion, a rumored event that is set to take place soon.

Now what is hatsplosion? Hatsplosion is a rumor of Roblox releasing several retextures all at once. As you can see, BE took many retextures in her models.

BE's Models Full of Retextures

There is some more hats after this page too. Anyways, BE also confirmed many things over twitter. She tweeted that she needed more retextures for this week and the next. She also tweeted that the Overseer Eye ( the most popular of the retextures) feels more like a weekend item which means it could possibily come out soon.

BE's Twitter Page

On twitter, she also mentioned she wants to make sure many cool hats come out before she goes on vacation. So there definitely will be new retextures published.


  • Twitter- BE's twitter is full of information if you need to catch up on hatsplosion

  • Rainbow Equinox/Azurewrath - These hats are some of BE's retextures which got published.

  • Dastuke - Dastuke made the Overseer Eye and Azurewrath. He claims to have recieved 1000 robux which means that they both will get published ( which Azurewrath has)


Hatsplosion is probably legit. Two things could happen considering the amount of retextures BE took. One, she could release about like 5 of them at once every few weeks ( so several hatsplosions). Or two, she could release them over the whole summer.

So basically guys, GET YOUR ROBUX READY. Whether they come out in a hatsplosion or not, these hats are epic and really profitable.

Until next time, see you later LMAD, and I'm back.

RY84TTT: Staff Writer


Wewt, I'm back. :D


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