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Saturday, June 9, 2012

BCGames Loan Scamming MADNESS

Hio LMaDers, today it is a tragic loss for many LMaDers who trusted BCGames with his loaning deals.

Here is a quick summary thanks to Regardless;

BCGames was supposedly 200,000R$ off of a Domino Crown which was being sold to him for 2,500,000R$. He made a Thread about high donations, and he would pay back like double or more. Almost EVERYONE bought into it, and Twala even loaned him 200,000R$. More people loaned 10,000R$, ect. Nooooooo asked for proof, and BCGames didn't really have anything to say, and what he did say was that he was buying it on a secret alt.

He then upload a screenshot as, "Proof," (which is blurry and you can't even read anything) and told us that he transferred all of his expensive stuff to it.

After about 5 minutes when the picture was accepted, he made a Thread saying he was done with LMaD, leaving with 238,000R$ after the market fee.

Many users are in shock, many are not surprised one bit. Some say that it was a clever plan that he user, building up respect and trust, then stabbing LMaD in the back.

I personally wasn't scammed, but users such as twala loaded 200k.

People don't deserve to be scammed, but some would claim it's their stupidity that ruins them.

As many of us know, he used his rep. to scam LMaDers.

Thanks, Dailyvalue

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