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Saturday, July 7, 2012

ROBLOX Has Pissed Us Off. AGAIN.

First it was the Rainbow Fedora. The ugly ODer hat looked disgusting. It was dumb and tacky looking. But us LMaDers didn't care. Because, all we wanted from the hat was PROFIT, which is what we would of got if it was published. Even the texture and the mesh was found through ID searching. But nope, it never was published.

Then there was the USA goggles. Although some thought they looked tacky and ugly, they would of still had major profit if they came out. And it was SUPPOSED to come out, because of a contest Tarabyte ran. But nope, just another major deal thrown in the trash. Hopefully it can be published for labor day, but I doubt it. The ID texture that was published from ROBLOX

And now, there's the case of the Periastron Delta, the last sword of the series. It was supposed to come out this Friday. It was just a rumor at first, but then almost everybody was sure about it coming out, because of the pattern of the dates of each Periastron's publishing (first friday of every other month). But there was also some people who noticed that the last Periastron came out on May's second friday. But still, people had hope. But no, there was no Periastron for us yesterday. Hopefully it will come out next Friday. If not, many people will NOT be pleased Sorcus...

Overall, I think that there has to be a reason behind all these huge plans thrown out in the trash. There are also other ideas that were thrown in the garbage, such as the ): Green Kickflip, the Green Sparkle Time Fedora, the Blue Sparkle Time Fedora, and the Halloween Dominus. Do you have a specific theory? Post it in the comments below.

And ROBLOX is also pissing us off because even though SO MANY PEOPLE described the bodies ROBLOX is making as horrible, ROBLOX has still ignored the great amount of people, and is still making the bodies.

Roblox needs to make more things the USERS want, otherwise, there won't be a ROBLOX around within half a decade.

                                        Written by ajrox                                                                    
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  1. I agree, this is really pissing me off.

  2. LOL, profit isnt the best thing in ROBLOX.

    Add me on ROBLOX! Im SweetTooth5!