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Monday, March 19, 2012

REVIEW: Squid Overlord

Hey people of LMaD and Roblox! Today I'm going to review a fairly new hat called Squid Overlord. It was originally sold for 2,000R$ and had 250 in stock.

"He lost some legs, but you should see the other guy."
Squid Overlord

Mesh: 5/10 - This mesh is quite original, and is fairly unique compared to other hats, but is not exactly something that most people would want to wear as a hat. It does not go well with other hats due to the fact that it is very large, and would not look right if part of this hat were covered by another hat.

Design: 5/10 - The design is overall, not that great. The color is not favorable, and very bland. If it were a better color, the hat might be more appealing. As I said before, the hat takes up a lot of space on your characters head. It is not designed to go with other hats.

Price: 2/10 - For the price, it was originally sold at 2000 R$. I find the hat was over priced considering it is not very favorable, and the prices the hat is at now support that. Currently, the hat is selling for about 1000R$, and has a Recent Average Price of 785R$. The hat was a fail as profits go, and not something an LMaD'er would want to buy, unless it was sold as a snipe.

Detail: 8/10 - The detail for Squid Overlord is quite good.The eyes have a fairly good texture and you can see the suction cups on the tentacles, which is pretty cool.

Stock: 4/10 - The stock is not desirable considering the price. With 250 in stock, it was bound to fail from the beginning, and most LMaD'ers were able to spot that out.


Summary: Personally, I believe this hat was, unfortunately, a fail. Due to the fact that there were too many in stock, the price was to much, and it was not a desirable. This alls sum up to make a hat that's price is much less than the original price.