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Monday, March 19, 2012

Will the Trading System ever come out?


     Many of us LMaDers are waiting for the "Trading System" to come out. It has been quite awhile hasn't it?
Well we have established a couple things in the time we have been waiting. 

  • Stops Scammers
  • Everyone can use? (Not entirely sure)
  • Only can trade limiteds (Not entirely sure)
  • Coming out this summer
With NO doubt this feature will release in summer of 2012. If this doesn't happen, than LMaD is close to eruption. I speak for most LMaDers, when I say that Roblox better hurry up and make that feature!
As we speak a lot of people are being scammed by people such as _______ ( Not Pointing Any Fingers )!
It would be the best if in the summer we could all trade our items and play Roblox happily.

As most of you guys know, pictures like these are 99.9999% most likely false:

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