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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hi guys, it's me, DarkGenex. Today I'll be showing you some new retextures made by LMaD's finest.

Enjoy! :D

Cybernetic Assassin V2

Here we have a retexture by LMaD's own Dastuke of The Dark Reaper. The detail on the hood itself is amazing, and contrasts well with the face. The smirking grin allows the hat to gain an edge (literally) as well as go well with the blurry blue eyes. Great retexture by Dastuke, as always. 

This isn't a hat, but it's a great face texture. Made by FlameFunnyButt, there's really not much to say. It's good quality, and the orange "dagger" eyes look spectacular. The smirk adds a smidge of toughness to the face, so excellent work by FlameFunnyButt.

This book retexture made by wwemaniac99 doesn't need much explaining. It teaches you how to dougie. Simple as that. The red background works well with the inverted noob in the cover, and the text looks great. High quality retexture by wwemaniac99 :D

This is a retexture of a mesh that isn't a hat... or a gear... or even an item on ROBLOX...? This is a retexture of one of the meshes used in the Disney XD Lab Rats event. This retexture is made by yours truly, moi. It's cyan. That's all I have to say. Tron-inspired.

If you have a good retexture or you want to spread the word about yours, PM DarkGen3x and you may be featured in the next "FEATURED RETEXTURES"! DarkGenex signing out.
Author : DarkGenex

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