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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interview with RandomCowGoesMooo

Hi! Today, I'll be interviewing a well known LMaDer named RandomCowGoesMooo! Here are the questions he read and answered.

Question 1: When did you start ROBLOX, and how did you find it?

Answer 1: July 24, 2009 I was at my cousin's (who is Intimidating on ROBLOX) house with my bro. He was like, "Yo holmez I gawt dis great game fo you to try out." I was like wut and went to make an account, but he had already made the name I wanted (RandomCowGoesMoo) and forgot the info, so I added an O to the end and boom, my account popped into existence.

Question 2: When and why did you start LMaDing?

Answer 2: I found it like mid-2010 when I barely had any money and wanted some items n junk. I was foruming in OT and they were no help, so I seeked for advice in LMaD and soon enough I got the items I wanted by making deals :D

Question 3: Do you have an idol/favorite LMaDer? If so who is it?

Answer 3: I have so many friends who forum in LMaD, it's so hard to choose...I could take a shovel and scoop up a random group of LMaD'ers and probably 1/2 will be my friends or people I respect.

Question 4: What's the best item you've owned?

Answer 4:

Oops, I mean Crimson Catseye, I do believe, and it's also my favorite.

Question 5: What is your peak and your valley of your investing carreer?

Answer 5: Last summer (2011), when I helped start up the group, Speed-Studio. It's mainly because I have more time for fun rather than school work lolol.

Question 6: What's the most profit you've made from a gear/hat/face?

Answer 6: I don't keep up with that so I'm not sure...I've made like 10k-15k on a few though, which is pretty good considering I hoard most of my favorite and most expensive items.

Question 7: What is your current goal on roblox? Have you reached it yet?

Answer 7: Get a Biggerhead...and I probably won't ever reach it if they never make it limited or put it back on sale >:0

Question 8: What is the most amount of ROBUX you've had at one time?

Answer 8: around 63k or something.

Question 9: Who is your favorite ROBLOXian? (different than LMaDer)

Answer 9: jardvadlez4 ov corse!11!1

Question 10: What's your favorite game of all time on ROBLOX?

Answer 10: Hard to say, but Ro-Pictionary by jaredva...I mean ajedi32 brings back great memories.

Question 11: What else would you like to say as advice or just something random to help them?

Answer 11: If you wanna a good time, head over to the gazebo. Fun times are waiting at the gazebo.


RandomCowGoesMooo, a great LMaDer

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