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Saturday, May 5, 2012

ROBLOX's New Money Making Strategy: Timed Items?

Timed Items

     You should of noticed by now that recently, ROBLOX has been publishing multiple timed items. If you haven't noticed this, you must be living under a rock. It's necessary for holiday items to have a purchasing countdown, but me and many other LMaDers find it very annoying how now it seems as if there are more timed items that aren't holiday-themed than Limited U items. For example, here's a list of recent timed items that aren't holiday themed.

  1. Sword of Darkness 
  2. Sword of Light
  3. 1337 R0807
  4. Katana of the Ninth Moon
  5. Adalinda's Anlance
  6. Dual Dueling Pistols
  7. Bluesteel Sombrero
     One main problem with these Timed Items is that it causes them to be overstocked once sold out. You've should of also noticed by now that most of these items have been pricey. All of these items have been 1,000+ robux, with the majority of them being 5,000 robux. That leads to how ROBLOX is making more money off these "Timed Items".

ROBLOX Making Profit of Timed Items

     Timed Items are more often now most likely because it makes an increase of Robux Purchasing. It gives users more time to earn money, OR more time to BUY money. The prices of these Timed Items are more than the average robloxian earns. Most robloxians nowadays just buy robux to get robux. (not including LMaDers, well most LMaDers). So basically these items are targeting robux buyers to spend more money on purchasing robux. The time-limit feature gives more time for robloxians to buy robux, unlike limited U items, which tend to sell very quickly.
     Sadly, this is another ROBLOX strategy to suck our money away. Instead of ROBLOX finding strategies to earn extra profit, the ROBLOX admins should start working on things more important (Ahem, better Security, TRADE SYSTEM).


1 comment:

  1. The "Bluesteel Sombrero" is a holiday hat (Cinco De Mayo)